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Drumeție cu EcoVoce

Mulțumim tuturor care s-au alăturat Drumeției cu EcoVoce la punctul de belvedere Lucia pentru a admira toamna în Munții Apuseni! 🍂 Vezi mai mult... "Drumeție cu EcoVoce"

Ieșire valea Arieșului, Noiembrie

În cadrul aplicației de teren de la începutul luni noiembrie am avut ocazia și de a admire minunatele peisaje de toamnă ale munților Apuseni. Vezi mai mult... "Ieșire valea Arieșului, Noiembrie"

Ghid de folosire

Raportează probleme de mediu de pe Valea Arieșului! Vezi mai mult... "Ghid de folosire"


Locals' EcoVoice

What do the locals say ...

It is a very beautiful area. The Aries River looks very nice, it’s clean. With one exception, which I think is a problem at the national level, and specifically Romanian, that is, all the waste that is thrown on the shore, the same in the forest and on the road.

Baia de Arieș

Source of pollution?! The mentality of people who throw garbage, even if we have a waste management company, they got used to dumping it on the side of the road, as before. We still have a lot of work to do here.

Baia de Arieș

Here we drink water from the well, but the pollution of the water from the wells is not necessarily related to the mining area, but to the water table with nitrates and nitrites. We also have a well here and we sampled water for analysis.


The biggest problem here is the Aries River, which is actually a garbage dump.